FKL’s Invitation to LINK Unlimited’s 2011 Spring Fundraiser




FKL Designs was invited to contribute artwork to auction at LINK Unlimited’s “Reaching for the Stars” 2011 Spring Fundraiser held at Alhambra Palace the evening of Saturday, May 21, 2011. FKL eagerly obliged…



FKL’s participation seemed a perfect fit as the design firm’s leaders are avid supporters of educational advancement programs and the arts. LINK Unlimited’s mission of guiding underprivileged youth in their pursuit of academic excellence inspired FKL’s donated art piece entitled, Life’s Purpose.


Life’s Purpose, created by FKL artist and designer, Fatima Laster, is a triptych (36x24in) mixed media art piece that symbolizes the unbounded prosperity one can achieve (represented by the gold color) if one trudges through life’s challenges (represented by the heavy textured material) with purpose (spelled out in the abstract design to demonstrate the lack of a solitary straightforward path to lead to individual success or prosperity). Further, the piece was created as a triptych to represent how a commitment to maneuver with diligence can get one through life’s uncertainties and different chapters. Life’s Purpose was intended to parallel one message LINK Unlimited relays to the students it champions.




Photo of 36x24in mixed media triptych, entitled, Life’s Purpose



The combination of electrifying music from Chicago’s infamous DJ Rock City, the unlimited supply of LINK Unlimited’s delicious signature drink, and the enticement of great auction prizes– including a complete spa package, premier Cubs and Sox tickets, exclusive Essence Music Festival tickets, designer jewelry and handbags, autographed NFL paraphernalia, and much more– made for an entertaining social event and successful fundraiser. LINK Unlimited raised an excess of $8,000 to help with it’s organizational initiatives.



DJ Rock City


LINK Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that provides educational services and mentoring to economically disadvantaged African American youth from the Chicago area. Since 1966, LINK Unlimited has paired more than 1,550 youth with sponsors that contribute toward the cost of private secondary education and advise and mentor students as they progress through their four years of high school onto college. To find out more about LINK Unlimited’s organization and sponsorship program, please visit the Organization’s website,



Photo with LINK Unlimited’s Associate Board President, Ramal Moreland


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