FKL Designs Takes a “Wine & Art Stroll” with Waukegan Main Street & Clockwise Theatre


This past Saturday, July 30, 2011, FKL Designs was invited by board members of the art-focused non-profit, Waukegan Main Street, to display for purchase various paintings during the organization’s fourth annual “Wine & Art Stroll” fundraiser held in Downtown Waukegan, IL. The “Wine & Art Stroll” consisted of wine tasting, music entertainment, and the viewing of fine art in efforts to promote and support businesses and the arts within Downtown Waukegan.


The platform and venue (the Clockwise Theatre) allowed FKL Designs to neatly and effectively showcase its bold statement pieces. The stadium seating and the black backdrop of the small performance art theatre proved to be an excellent center stage for FKL’s creations during the “Wine & Art Stroll”.


The artwork displayed really demonstrated FKL’s love for incorporating brilliant contrasting colors and sharp geometric shapes, as shown in new pieces: Polynesia- Gaze, Glint, and Avert; and Painting Askew- Remixed I & II (spin-offs to original painting, Painting Askew). As supported by its business description, there were also works that were not short of unique textures and varied mediums, as in FKL’s newest and most popular creations: The Beat- A Little Bit Country; As Good As It Gets; and Opulence. Oil painting, Acacia, and its spin-offs, Acacia- Remixed I & II, remained favorites amongst visitors as well. FKL also took the opportunity to demonstrate its portrait ability, with the most impressive being its two large scale renderings of late jazz legend, Lee Morgan. (See all below)


The beautiful weather, unlimited supply of libations, and the diverse visual displays provided by FKL and other participating artists led to a very successful and enjoyable “Wine & Art Stroll”.

Top to Bottom: Polynesia- GazePolynesia- Glint, and Polynesia- Avert

 Top Row: Painting Askew, Painting Askew- Remixed I, and Painting Askew- Remixed II / Bottom Row: Opulence

The Beat- A Little Bit Country
As Good As It Gets
Top to Bottom: AcaciaAcacia- Remixed I, and Acacia- Remixed II
Lee Morgan is “The Gigolo”- Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan is “The Gigolo”- The Gigolo



Waukegan Main Street is a non-profit with the mission of revitalizing Downtown Waukegan by attracting people, businesses, and activities to area through the promotion and encouragment of creative and performing art events. Go to the organization’s website,, for more information about Waukegan Main Street’s mission and scheduled events.



Clockwise Theatre ( is a not-for-profit theatre company committed to producing timely, smart, professional theatre. With an emphasis on Midwestern artists, Clockwise works to provide satisfying theatrical and cultural experiences for local audiences and professional opportunities for local artists. Upcoming productions include: The Long Awaited by Claudia Allen (October 21-November 13, 2011); Courting Vampires by Laura Schellhardt (January 20-February 12, 2012); and Palmer Park by Joanna McClelland Glass (March 16-April 8, 2012). Please visit website for play descriptions.


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