FKL Visual Arts is an online fine art gallery and portfolio of works created by visual artist, Fatima K. Laster, for private and corporate collections. FKL Designs focuses on the functional, aesthetic, and cultural enhancement of interior spaces through interior design services. FKL Visual Arts is a subsidiary of FKL Designs LLC.



An online gallery and portfolio of contemporary, abstract expressionistic, and mixed media fine art by Fatima Laster for private and corporate collections. Links to the artist’s statement and CV are below.

Artist Statement




Client-focused  residential and corporate interior decorating and design service, provided in conjunction with curating fine art. Interior services combine an interplay of color theory, decor, and spatial concepts to bring vitality, organization, utility, and a desired mood to a home, office, lobby, or alternative interior space. The addition of fine art serves as a necessary aesthetic and cultural enhancement of the interior space.



Comprises two retail divisions, FKL Cache and Accents. FKL Cache is the retailer of limited edition prints, hand-painted works, apparel, and paraphernalia by Fatima Laster. Accents is the distributor of unique new, used, and refurbished interior accessories and furniture that provide great finishing touches to any living or work space.